Bannerdown Common Car Park – Bridle Way Gate Removed

The bridleway gate adjoining the Bannerdown Common parking area has been removed by agreement with the BANES Public Rights Of Way department.

Whilst the gate was not faulty, it was difficult to operate by horse riders and there was an accident, involving the gate, on Monday 7th March 2016.

From a Health and Safety perspective we feel it is reasonable, and indeed safer, to expect that children and dogs are brought under control at the “new” bridleway gate which is set back some 30 metres from the road.

We will be installing improved fencing either side of the “new” (inset) bridleway gate to prevent dogs from walking freely off the common at that point. However, when dogs are taken onto the common we would always expect them to be either under control or on a lead.

Please contact me if you have any concerns about the above.

Rob Kendall

Secretary of the Batheaston Freeholders Association

(Guardians of the Batheaston Common Lands since 1719)

Mobile: 07925 786 821

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